If you’re feeling “stuck” in your spiritual life

If you want to go deeper into your relationship with Jesus than ever before.

If your life of prayer is non-existent, erratic or feels “dry.”

Then The Journey is for you.


If you want to pursue your relationship with God with a group of people that are doing it with the same intensity as you…

If God feels distant.

If you want to explore the Christian life in a more intentional, intensive way…

Then The Journey is for you.


If you’re asking yourself:

— Is this as good as the spiritual life gets?

— Where is God?

— How can I change?

— Why do I keep sinning when I know so much?

Then The Journey is for you.


If you have wondered what it would be like to explore the ancient practices of the Faith…

If you have ever wondered what life would be like if you really lived from a deep place of relationship with God…

Then The Journey is for you.


The people who attend are like you – serious about growing in their relationship with God.

This creates a unique environment of community and support.

But how is the Journey different from other groups or studies that I may have attended in the past?