The Journey meets for 9 months – September through May – and is an intentional, intensive time to focus on your relationship with God.

A typical week on the Journey looks like this:

The Journey group meets weekly for 2 hours.

During that time there will be:
Time for reflection and meditation.
Teaching – this time is interactive and discussion based.
Once a month, trained spiritual directors will come in to spend time with you and your cohort.


Outside of the group there will be prayer and spiritual practices that you will be asked to try. These could be different ways of praying, reading scripture etc.

Once a week you will write a short, one page summary of your experience for that week so that you can keep a reminder of your particular Journey. This journal can also be a place to record your questions and/or reflections that you can bring to your cohort and your spiritual director for further discussion.


There will be two retreats that are required, one will take place at the beginning of the Journey, and the other will be mid-way.

Each retreat is from 9am – 5pm and includes lunch. They are local to the area and will not require long periods of driving.


$100 per month. This does not include the costs of the retreats.